Visualizing Teenage Pregnancy and related factors

Visualizing Teenage Pregnancy and related factors

What’s the Challenge?

The impact of Covid-19 on women and girls has been greatly felt over the past 100 days of COVID 19 in Kenya. With effects such as loss of livelihood leading to economic challenges, inaccessibility to health service for pre and post-natal care. This also includes exposure to domestic violence due to the measures put in place to curb the spread of the Corona Virus. Among these impacts is the unprecedented impact on children attending school.

New reports show a steep rise in the number of young girls aged 10-19 presenting with pregnancy. In 2020 there’s a noted spike in the numbers reported between March to May compared to the reports of the same time period in 2019. These changes could be attributed to the closure of schools due to COVID-19 among other factors the work of Women in GIS Kenya (WiGISKe) will highlight this via data science. We are interested in exploring this issue as part of our support to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Service and Gender and now the Ministry of Education.

How can you participate?

This Data Viz Challenge aims to explore datasets on Teenage Pregnancies to discover and highlight contributing factors and propose solutions. It will run from 29th June to 29th July during which our community will make use of ArcGIS Insights, Python or R. Using these software tools participants will come up with insights/visualizations based on location information that will help concerned Kenyans in communities and the government to better understand the phenomena and act to prevent future, similar scenarios. The proposed solutions will be shared with stakeholders in the Health Sector that provide services in reproductive health education and management, mother and child services as well as sex education.

To participate send an email of interest to and we shall send you the data.

About Our Data Viz Challenges

The WIGISKE  #DataViz challenge pillar is founded on the use of the community to explore data highlighting gender issues and proposing solutions. WiGISKe has previously hosted two #DataViz Challenges, one on Cervical Cancer and another on Gender-Based Violence that has led to an uptake of important implementation policies by key stakeholders and leaders in the respective sectors.