Get the Right Info: Data on Covid-19 Response in Kenya 

Get the Right Info: Data on Covid-19 Response in Kenya 

Covid-19 caught the world by surprise and with it came a deluge of reports and a greater risk of widespread misinformation.The Ministry of Health in Kenya serves as the main source of authoritative information regarding the coronavirus and it continues to provide daily updates regarding testing and status reports of cases in the country since the first case was found in March 2020.Thus, there was a need for a dedicated platform to consolidate and communicate all knowledge about the virus as well as the country’s statistics and trends in comparison to the rest of the world.

In recognition of this, a partnership between WiGISKe, ESRI Eastern Africa, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology,Palladium Group and Ministry of Health led to the creation of  a Covid-19 hub to serve as a real time source of accurate information for the public.This hub enables one to get quick summaries of the current figures as well as public health information and the models informing the Covid 19 response.

The Covid-19 Dashboard platform has up-to-date data on the number of cases, recoveries, and reported deaths in the country. The information is presented as per county level and with accompanying maps highlighting emerging and current hotspots of the disease. 

Image of Covid 19 Dashboard MoH Kenya

The prediction model in use by the Ministry of Health is well elaborated showing how predicted infection estimates are arrived at and the influence of measures such as social distancing , hygiene practices such as handwashing and increased testing play a huge role in ensuring we flatten the curve.The testing and daily confirmed cases are updated in real time and show the trends of the country.

Modelling estimates of Covid 19 cases

In order to effectively mitigate the threat of corona virus in the country, a risk map of the country has also been created. It utilises information on population density,health characteristics, prevalence of smoking as well as elderly populations based on early reports to determine those most-at risk.Currently, high risk areas of Nairobi and Mombasa are hotspots.

Covid-19 Risk Index 

This risk map informs the level of caution to be taken by residents in these regions down to ward level and to inform response efforts.

Find more information about the risk map here

General information regarding symptoms, ways of spreading and prevention methods are available on the About Covid 19 tab. Matters such as self- quarantine and what it requires are well highlighted. Further, a hotline number in case one experiences symptoms is provided. 



Covid 19 Self Test


A handy tool directly on the site is The Covid-19 Self Test that allows one to test their risk level by checking off symptoms.Recommendations on actions such as information about the nearest government health facility in case of high risk is then offered depending on one’s location.   

Learn more about how the Covid-19 Self-Test works on our earlier post.            

The platform is completed with links to the official Twitter accounts for the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation for real time updates on the reports made locally and worldwide.

Information Videos by Ministry of Health Kenya

Find the Ministry of Health Covid-19 Dashboard for up to date information.

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